The Gio Brothers: a Winning Recipe

Oftentimes, great things can be accomplished by blending the skills and abilities of people to identify and attain a common passionate goal. Working together to develop a concept, to building the actual restaurants, their strengths become one unified force.

So it is with the Gio Brothers…





Being the eldest of the Gio Brothers, John’s instinct is to drive the family toward continued career and spiritual growth. John most often serves as the “voice of Gio,” as he is a charismatic, high-energy speaker with a dynamic personality.

You will often find John in his office working on a business or charitable event, attuned to every detail.

What people don’t know about John? John is a motivational speaker and customer service teacher, singer and guitarist, and loves to travel.


Nicholas is the steady anchor; calm and level-headed with great attention to the financial health of the company. Although, he also has a creative side, his role within the group is often that of balance.

The Gio Brothers strive to offer the freshest products they can for the best possible value.  Nicholas is detail-oriented and tends to oversee the vendors with respect to this goal.

What people don’t know about Nicholas?  Nick is an avid golfer, and accomplished classical pianist. (Watch for music clips to come).


Anthony and Carmen (the youngest) are fraternal twins (not identical), but with common goals.  Anthony’s outgoing personality is sought-after by patrons; he has a sincere interest and love of people which is apparent to all.

Anthony is skilled at working with companies to successfully plan worthwhile community outreach events.

What people don’t know about Anthony?  Anthony plays hockey, is an accomplished guitarist and singer.


Carmen’s adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit lured the brothers from New Jersey to begin this quest over 15 years ago.

With a passion for cooking and a very creative side, Carmen can be credited with the creation of many of the Gio Brothers most popular dishes; including the secret crust recipe.

What people don’t know about Carmen?  Carmen is an avid hockey player, drummer, multiple award-winning golfer, and spends leisure time traveling.