The Family

Family Inspiration

We have been in various related and unrelated business endeavors since we were children. We were raised by two of the most beautiful people. Our parents were the first role models of teamwork. We were blessed with many mentors in our lives such as: teachers, neighbors, grandparents, uncles and aunts simply because those people saw potential in us and generally liked us. However, our parents were our main source of inspiration. They are and always will be in every aspect of life. They were always focused on the task at hand, us. We were four very dominant, assertive, creative and independent boys. They had little time for anything else. In addition to the 4 boys, we had 2 sisters come along a little later in life. They have made this family complete.

Faith and Tradition

Growing up we prayed together and we stayed together. We felt loved and protected. We were challenged and trusted. Our parents worked very hard, but never on Sunday. Sundays were for church and enjoying a late lunch called “Sunday Gravy.” Our mother would wake up early before everyone to prepare it and make it very special. We spent the day together and our father always had an outing planned for us all. We had fun (“you gotta’ have fun”). Our family believes that in addition to working hard, until you can work smart, that you should play just as hard and be smart enough to play more often.

Early Training

Our parents throughout the year often hosted dinner parties in our home with their friends. They loved to entertain and they were really good at it. They are multi-lingual and have many friends. Mom always had an unbelievable assortment of food. Many times, and more often than not, it was our job to do the prepping. Cutting, slicing, dicing and of course, tasting came naturally. Essentially, our mom’s kitchen was the beginning of our palate education. We learned about spices, herbs, caramelizing, fusing, and discerning tastes and freshness. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned when it came to cooking in general, was how and when to refrain, so as to keep it simple and also not to adulterate the creation at hand and of course, use the best ingredients. At 10, 12 and the twins at 14 years old that was a great lesson for us. Today, we know it better than most.

In an effort to teach us restaurant etiquette, mom and dad dressed us up (the twins always matched) and took us out to dinner on weekends and some special occasions: First Holy Communions, Confirmations, Easter, and Mother’s Day. While at the restaurants, dad started with simple things such as showing us how to butter bread properly, instead of making it a sandwich. We would jokingly point out the little mistakes the waiters would make as we critiqued the meal to show dad we knew our stuff.

Our family has a proud tradition of making each and every meal a warm and meaningful event. That is the tradition we want to provide our customers.