Passion & Perseverence

Some people are born with passions that they never follow, others with life passions they realize late in life. A select few run with their dreams the first chance they get.

The Gio Brothers’ restaurants are a product of a passion that began with youngest brother Carmen about 22 years ago. Carmen has a God given talent to cook delicious food and a genuine passion for it. Fortunately, he is one of the few that not only had a passion but the ambition and drive to follow it at a very young age.

The Journey

At 18 years old Carmen had already visited Florida many times with friends. He decided to move to Florida from New Jersey, the only home he ever knew, in an effort to introduce the Gulf Coast to something he was familiar with in New Jersey…Good food, and fundamentally, good bread. His personal endeavor began shortly after relocating when he bought a truck and started delivering homemade delectable bread to area businesses. The business was thriving and soon after he took advantage of a building that was for sale near one of his stops in Sarasota with the intention to open a bakery. The bakery became a reality but it was his decision to purchase a small, non-operative pizza oven that would change everything.

The Pizza Decision – Best Crust Recipe

With a little “TLC” the pizza oven was ready to fire the most incredible tasting pizza Florida had ever known. Carmen began modifying the secret dough recipe his customers had come to crave from the bakery and would top that with the freshest and finest ingredients.  Although he was making the pizza primarily for personal consumption he would often offer bakery customers a slice for their patronage. Eventually, customers were coming in with high hopes to receive the bonus of the mouth-watering pizza and leaving disappointed if they didn’t. The decision to begin selling pizza as an everyday item was a simple one that ultimately morphed into what the Gio Brothers Restaurant Group is today.